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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

GUY STYLE-ICON: Nicholas Scimeca

I was looking menstyle photographs and just checking out what men wear mostly and i came up to see a stylish guy from Chicago.He is just 25 or 26 something guy from Chicago.I was checking out mensfashion and found a Creative Director who has been blogging (yeah he has a blog but a daily life blog not a fashion blog ),stopped by streetpeeper and been a streetsylista guy living with his drummer bestfriend.Cool. I think I like his hats and his basic style.

His last tweet: "I really enjoyed being alive at the age of twenty five but I'll take a life full of hand-picks at the age of twenty six."

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he appears in a

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He did StreetPeeper.Casual.

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from his iphone and mirror probably.

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lets talk about what we just don't talk.again.


amber philo said...

the boy is cool.Its his pose.LOL

emma m. said...

he is cute

necla p. said...

türk erkeklerinde hiç örnek olabilecek stil ikonu yok değil mi? ::::