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Sunday, December 6, 2009


Today's inspiration comes from Christy Turlington wearing all MARC by MARC JACOBS.I adore her moss green coat over here.I love the street style look above,and all the styling.Every piece is worth it.I saw one similar to this at MAVİ Jeans last week.It has 2 colours.check it out!

This is a very old styling so these clothes are not from the latest collection of Marc jacobs.He is so talented and I love whatever he designs.

This all black look of Christy Turlington is by MARC JACOBS COLLECTION.Its from his main line..So that, its more sophisticated.I love wearing black in winter.I don't know why...Maybe its the colour of the smokey weather and rainy days.Even white snow can make the air gray and my coat black...

Its a rainy day over here in İstanbul...a rainy sunday.So make sure you've got your umbrella with you if you are going out(I hear you saying: Thanks mom! hahahah:D )

I remember I saw a leopard print umbrella in september at a store somewhere so its still in my mind.Too bad I bought my umbrella from Top Shop a classic black in last months(that I don't remember)...

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