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Saturday, December 5, 2009


I am having a fiesta weekend.I am just trying to rest cause I was tired, whole weekend made me tired...I came home with these newbies...I also took a picture of smoke.interesting?I like the new shop window of Fabrika.They are my favorite lately(despite bad ad campaign with a housewife face-they should pick someone whos a work-chic)...

Fabrika looks fantastic!

I lost my favorite eyeliner so I bought a Shiseido one-when I checked out Shiseido counter

dont ask me why I picked this shampoo.the hair style products ruined my roots so I use a cure.I also bought the last edition of Harpers Bazaar magazine of the year 2009.

smoke city.I love smokey air look.


Its my favorite time of the year.Cause its my favorite month:December.I love December...

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edaicerdik said...

shiseido benim en beğendiğim marka.farları mükemmmell!!!