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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pilates and so on.

I'm a newbie@a gym in Cihangir.Today I went to my first pilates class at the new gym.As I do pilates previously(in my ex gym) I was like I know this move and whats next during the session.or how to breathe.That was cool.I really liked it in new gym.In hard moves the class start to laugh that we can't make it we laugh:) I hope to get up early and get to go to saturday class of pilates.I like being elastic.I work out but pilates makes great body structure.I realized that I really missed it my body felt great.I am working on polyvore.I'll post more stylings.

By the way,every morning I put my shades on cause my eyes feel so tired and want to close down.But I am bored of my casual shades.I want new fall is almost here I might skip to buy.Here I stopped by at a shop window staring at colour wayfarers.ı want them all.hell yesszz:)

wayfarer mania

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