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Sunday, August 30, 2009


ok.I've been there early yesterday and it wasn't that crowded.I headed to Gamze Saracoğlu show with my invitation.My name was also written in their list.I told them and got in.It was so crowded.and I watched the show with taking pictures and observing the clothes and thinkin' about the tissue FLOW.It was amazing.I fell in love with the shoes.I need to buy the shoes desperately.for very next summer.LOL.Then I left the show and went outside the garden.Theres OTTO there(which we have@Santral campus of Bilgi Uni and also Asmalı.There was no place so I headed to drink ice Mocha from Kahve Dunyası.I spent some time with friends there.My photographer friend came and we headed to backstage of OZLEM SUER.It was great to be backstage.I watched the MAC PRO MAKEUP team doing the theme makeup on models and I had chance to see up close and too personal backstage moods of the way,Ece Sukan was there watching the shows or doin' the runways.Ice queen! I think the best models of Turkey are Tugce Kazaz(shes taller than others and has great body and face),Ahu Yağtu and Selma Ergec.I think the real vintage queen of Turkey is AHU YAĞTU.I luv her..I have met with Ozlem Suer@her backstage.Shes so very lovely.I told her I'm a fashion blogger and she said she loves fashion bloggers.She was one of a kind.My workplace is a kind of place with so many celebs so I realized that I dont have any celeb crush out there.It was so normal for me to be backstage.Ozlem Suer show was perfect.I think her designs are simple,elegant and sophisticated.After Ozlem Suer show I headed to garden and then to Gizia backstage.I had no invitation but press card,so I could skip in Gizia backstage and Gizia show.There were Tugce Kazaz and Tulin Sahin in the show.Tugce Kazaz was the leading model and the face of Gizia.Mac pro team was doing the makeup with Nars products.I know the blonde makeup artist from MAC Akmerkez store(I'm a huge Mac fan).I took pictures and saw the makeup and hair of Gizia show.Then I headed to the show.It was so very crowded.There were so many international press.But I didn't really saw any huge stylies.Everyone was so normal to me.and I think men stylies are more stylish than women(look at French Micheal Bonzon.He's already in Turkish press with his unique style.I saw him in every show and at garden after the fashion days were overwelming with closing show Hakan Yıldırım was so late.I had an invitation but due to health problems of mine I couldn't stay there till 21.30 pm.Cause after Gizia show I had to wait like 3 hours.I don't know if other people waited but due my health problems I couldn't wait for 3 hours there.I am late in posting due to my health problems again.I have tonz of show pictures and backstage pictures only few press people have here.Enjoy!:)

GAMZE SARACOGLU SHOW from end to start

Flow by G.Saracoglu

last piece of G.Saracoğlu show.

my favorite dress from Gamze Saracoğlu show.

Ozge Ulusoy from back.The back of most dresses were to picture for.The heels are so very beautiful.

Selma Ergec is my favorite model of all shows.

shoes of the collection were to die for with large heels.I adore the colours.

Gamze Saracoglu crowd

my favorite pieces from the exhibit area

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