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Monday, August 10, 2009

Me, Myself, whatever...

I really need to try to cook or I'll end up hungry...I need to cook the famous Aegean style healthy veggies or I'll sleep hungry after I come home.I should have cooked on sunday but I didn't(cause I wasn't home).I came home late after work today and theres no Aegean style cooked veggie@home.And I'm drinking greentea.WTF?Today I realized that I really like flower prints(I didn't realize it today ok I just thought of it LOL:D)I always put flowers on me and I've got the power(I had a penfriend who was writing FLOWER POWER on the envelopes from Connecticut,USA.I was 14.I remember all those envelopes coming to me from all over the world.I had so many penfriends even from Japan..They were sending me many pictures and stickers and many gorgeous stuff.I was waiting for the postman coming every saturday.When I was in my early teens I was VERY sure I'd move to California and live there forever and be a fashion brand(my own name)...Things did not happen that way that I achieved many different things and I moved to Istanbul.Istanbul helped me be who I am now with the good and the bad.and who knows whats going to happen tomorrow?I believe in myself and I know I can do whatever I want if I really want.See?I am not a blur fashion addict.LOL.I have a deeper dark side that most people can see when they take a closer look to me.You see what you want to see in a person.Its not clothes.Its not style.Its personality.its me,myself,whatever..

my new vintage bag,closer look,its perfect