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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lack of Sleep

OMG I feel soooo tired.I had a long night.Lack of sleep.I had red wine and fun.But today I started day with a delay in time so I have to hurry.First I'll hit the gym(God,I have nooo energy left for gym:/) and then I'll frequent my hair salon if I can.My hair colorist is at "Bağdat Caddesi".I have to go there.After my hair is done I head to stores like Gap,Zara,Top Shop and more.ya know...I am so tired.I frequented SEYMEL vintage yesterday at my lunch break.I must be lucky.I work around Taksim so I have so much time at Taksim.In weekday I was having beer at Otto@Asmalımescit.I'm in love with Asmalımescit.Anywayz.I bought a vintage gray handbad just in my perfect taste from Seymel.Its beautiful.But I saw one bigger vintage bag and its in my mind.I can't sleep.Hope it won't be sold.I might check it out next week.I have some items that I look and I try and not buy.I'm weird.Thats self-torture right?I have deydration now.Maybe thats why I feel tired.I better go drink some cold water.I'll post my pictures later.Oh!I BOUGHT MY FEDORA AT LAST.yesss!its from MENSWEAR department of some brand.LOL:D

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