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Monday, August 24, 2009

I'd rather read fashion blogs than magazines!!!!and I'd draw than partying out!

hell yesszz!!!Suprised?I'm a fan of many magazines allover the world but the fact is the new black is fashion bloggers.I'm glad of being a fashion blogger because its the coolest and the most freedom job(no boss no ads no brand no press no king lol).In secondary school I've drawn my designs and then I never ever draw till saturday.I boght colour pencils and pens to draw.and paper...I draw after like wow!10 years maybe?I have a talent that always existed in me about drawing clothes but I had never ever had course for design lessons etc.Its in me since I was 13.I feel the little kid in me again(buying her first Marie Claire magazine at 13).I had always been into fashion with all my heart.and heres my saturday drawing after 10 years.Im not a design student so please dont judge my drawings.Its instinct.Thats all.

ok I'll draw more.d@mn I want to take design courses.