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Sunday, August 2, 2009

I was hungover all day.I went to gym.and I was like no energy left...I even ate ice cream to gain energy back home.what a day...I've had 2 shots and coctails yesterday.And today they made my day(thank you!).Yesterday I bought a new gym bag from Nike for 66TL:/ Honestly I was going to pick a pink Puma gym bag but Nike one is sooo usefull so I bought it.Also I checked out a fedora hat on sale but did not buy:/ I dont know why...maybe I havent met my perfect fedora yet...If I don't fall in love,then I don't buy.thats the deal.and now I need to relax.I have stomachache.

Its because of those d@mn shots.they burn.really.


the UNchecked other said...

You sound like you had a blast during your holiday ;o) The beach magically makes everything great ;oP Although I must's good to have you back, Burcu.


istanbulfashionaddict said...

Leila (((hugs)))thank you.its great to hear from you again.summer is great.I want an endless snow.forever:)