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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

eyes wide open

ok.guess what?Music is high and loud now in the room.and.styling@polyvore is addictive.I'm doing mix+matches by my own.Here's a romantic dress styling(the dress is by chance from Top Shop).I tried hard on romantic cause I'm not a romantic.People mostly say I'm a sweet gürl that they just say what they see.The fact is...that I'm a really good gürl.LOL.lmaol:) I like positive people and I like people who make me laugh.I'll probably go for the funny people to make friends with.I don't like cool people.They take my energy off so I let them go away.I cut relationships.Thats it.I never ever liked those loser cool kids.and I'm never one of 'em(thanks to the maker)I was taught to stand strong and I have a strong personality(that men mostly never ever like).Sometimes I live hard times but life is life and you let it know.ı am tired today.Yesterday at gym my left arm should be hurt.It hurts.

romantik by glamrockgal featuring F


Entertainment said...

Güzel bir mix and match.
Romantik styling de başarılı olmuş. MAC'in kozmetik ürünü de hoş bir detay.


istanbulfashionaddict said...