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Monday, August 3, 2009

Dear August,with heart...

This week a girl came up to me and asked me if she knows me or not.I said we've never met.That's kind of creepy.

Today I'm better.Hungover is gone and I'm gaining my energy back.Today I've learnt that I lost 3 kgs since june.Due to healthy veggie food,frequenting gym and swimming I am going back to my normal size.Not yet but I am...on the way lol.You know I had a really bad winter and gained 4 maybe 5 kg and now I'm free of them(dont ya know?).Health is the most important thing in my life.As I started to a new gym I'm more into my sporty life(despite hungovers)...Anywayz...We are in the early days of August and its my secret favorite month of the year.The fashion mag editions are the tiniest in August editions in whole year that's why I don't really buy August editions of mags.But sun is shining and theres a pessimistic breaking up with summer and falling into fall moments are gonna be felt in the last days of august.Oh,August!Please don't leave us.Please stay with us forever.As the sun is shining and the sky is all blue.I can sleep under my umbrella on a beach...I can stare at the waves and think of nothing ...I can write poems for you August...if you don't ever leave us.kiss.


Patricia G said...

Hi you!! Don´t be sad, septenber will be amazing, with a big experience of meeting your new brasilian friend!! rsrsrsrsr
But now I´m worried... is it cold in septenber there in Istanbul??
Kisses from Brazil, always!!

istanbulfashionaddict said...

Patricia hi!!!! if you are coming to Istanbul,then September will be a good month:D it can be a bit cold and windy(not like Brazil!?So you'd better take some of your fall/ winter clothes too:) but Bodrum and Fethiye and Antalya would be hotter.I am waiting for you to arrive so we can meet:) (((hugssss from Istanbul))))