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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dazed and confused

I had a bizarre week.I bought summer boots that I might wear morrow.But thats not the point of view.After work I walked from Cihangir thru Çukurcuma to Galatasaray and went to Bershka today.I bought a grey bracelet that matches my gray vintage bag color.I also bought summer boots.I don't feel good these days.I even want to get out of my life.Be off the record for a while or forever maybe?I am bored of everything and everyone and every place.This must be something at the moment but no.The feeling doesn't leave me alone.Maybe I'm homesick(even I am at my home).Maybe I need to hug my mom.But I can't.I need to call her more often.Maybe I need to get drunk with my palz.Or I need myself.I am the only cure for myself.I make strong words that I believe in and then I say that I am strong and I can move on.I don't like to think about future but I feel like I must plan and go or I'll end up wasted.I've been wasting my precious time like for 5 years.That is a killer idea.It kills me for two days.I am like between nowhere.I don't want to do anything.I guess I need a my mind.I need to solve.maybe its too late.maybe I can't really solve anything.Thats why I'm lost.Totally lost.I'm very very...dazed and.confused.


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