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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Broken Glasses Weekend

I was at Cengelkoy on saturday.again.LOL.We went to some bosphorus view having restaurant@up the hills of Kanlıca.I liked Kanlıca.There is a beautiful view of second bridge.Then we headed to Rabia's home.We bought vodka and juice.When we got home I put the big vodka to fridge.When we prepared our stuff to go upstairs to the "teras" I opened the fridge door and it fell down.The VODKA BOTTLE!!!ON MY FEET!The glasses were broken and scattered to everywhere down around.I had no scar!no scratches!wow!Without drinking a draft the whole vodka was all gone.I went out and bought the same bottle again(the market man said:you finished the whole bottle?wow!you're fast."and I was like no the bottle is broken without even drinking.With the new bottle taking carefully we had siesta at their "teras".I got drunk.It was soo funny.But today I couldn't make it to the gym.I'll go tomorrow.I could just make my way home today late.I was at a shopping mall.I think Top Shop and Mango's new arrivals for fall are cool.But I haven't seen a band jacket in any collection yet.H&M has one.But we don't have H&M sucks.

and these pictures are from friday.after Çukurcuma thru Galatasaray.lots of vintage and second hand stores passing by different places.I like those places.Cause its inspiring to walk around there.

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