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Friday, August 14, 2009

Being pretty or being just a young woman makes your life

This is a funny post.But previously I have to say that I am great.I am strong and better than ever.Coz its weekend d@mned!LOL:)And..about being pretty.. I dont want anyone to judge me but you know...Every person on this earth has a body to deal with.And they are coping with it.I struggled with my looks in my early teens but now I love the way I look cause time by time I've made myself "me" with all the good and the bad and the pretty lol.Writing makes me feel beautiful.I don't want to be anyone else.I like the way I look when I take a look at the mirror.Everyone has imperfections and problems and deal with it.I go to pilates and gym and I take care of my body(since winter).This helps me to feel sporty and skinny ok?Skinny is a boy thing.I dont like skinny looks and never want to be very skinny.Role models shouldn't be so very skinny.What else can I do more?I never want to be so very perfect(noone should be except Spain's football team lol).I just want to be comfty with myself and so I am...I used to be a cosmetic freak(I still have MAC,NARS,Lancome,Chanel makeup collections especially from limited edition lines) but now I like to go out natural with some blush on and lipgloss.I used to never walk out of home with messy hair but now I like to use wavy hair and sometimes "just rolled out of bed" look.That is pretty to me.I like the simple undone look mostly.But I love smokey eye makeup at night for a night out.LOL.Anywayz,today I came to my street late and bread factory was out of stock(all breads sold).I went to the market and asked if they have any bread left.There was a guy with bread and the market owner said the guy just bought the last bread.In silence I whispered to myself that I must be on my lucky day(ironic oppose sentence with joke).He left the bread to me without buying and asked if there's another market open that he can buy bread.I said "No,please buy it" but he did not even listened.He saw me and left the bread to me.Thats the story.Mostly guys see me and want to do something for me if theres a chance.This happens to me in weird times.many times.And mostly they hardly say No cause they never want to say No.That's a good thing.Maybe its so rude to reject a young woman right?Gentle men are hardly found but I get to get solutions easier when they are around.There are still rude people living and breathing around.I feel sad for them.Lets forget them.I luv weekends.I gotta go now.I'll post pictures.soon.promise.

p.s. I could have never mentioned this before.I love all the readers whoever read my blog.Thank you so much.I luv y'all with passion:)

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