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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sun Burn Sale

Ipekyol dress **lust**

best acid wash loose denim short I've ever seen@ LTB

Dressmania at Koton

high heels

VERO MODA NEW ARRIVALS--But Vero Moda is also on sale(sale inside)

adidas drooolssssz

Its so hot and I woke up at 10:00 am and went to my pilates course.Its till a week, that this friday, I will be LEAVING ISTANBUL to start my VACATION.yay! I thought I was cursed something cause I was trapped in the city.I will be one week away from the crowd.After pilates course I went to a mall and I shopped-like...CRAZY!Its sales time everywhere and I even bought a new bikini! hell yes!!I saw a pair of gorgeous adidas allstar designer shoes but I did NOT buy cause I don't need them now ok? But they are gorgeous.and you can buy them as a present for me:) They remind me of moon walking...I dunno know why lol...What I bought today?
-denim shorts (Best fitting ever.I tried dozens and this pair were done for me)
-sun oil from nivea(pink flip flops were free with a buy) flip flops (free)
-İpekyol dress (irresistable dress)
-The Body Shop pink blush and toner
-black cool large belt (now I have a new stylish belt)

and I bought some shampoos and etc.I will post the pictures of what I bought later.

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