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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dazed and Confused

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yes...I am dazed and it happens every summer...I'm very dazed and confused ok? I have weird moments lately.I look and I write and I listen music and I dance...The best thing I do is everyday after work I open my favorite music VERY loud when I'm back home and start to dance.LOL.I'm a weirdo!:D and big news:my vacation is closer.but its gonna be a week only.I am working in summer.bummer.I missed my bronze skin.I want to be very very bronze like I use to be last summer.I need to go shopping to hit the beach.I mostly like sunscreen shopping.Last year I shopped from the Clarins counter.I like their products.Especially SPF30 waterproof eyecream is the best.I like to listen to my favorite songs while I sleep on the beach.The best thing about being on vacation is I will be out of town!!It will be a quick try cause I did not leave(or maybe that I am trapped in Istanbul...) the city since I can't remember...ummm... in winter...I want to frequent Ankara also cause my bestfriend and a relative of mine(uncle) lives there.But the reason I want to go there is some rock bar night that my friends go.LOL.The best part of summer is dance till u drop!


byr said...

merhaba gözlüğün gerçkten çok güzel (:ve yakışmış ta tabi
nnereden aldın?

istanbulfashionaddict said...

slm.teşekkürler, net hatırlamıyorum ama sanırım peacocks tan almıştım gözlüğü.nişantaşındakinden.