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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cihangir..vintage stores...

I had to frequent those vintage stores that I saw a pair of sunglasses 2 weeks ago and today it was not there on the model...I was kind of sad that I didnt buy it 2 weeks ago and now its gone.I have no idea how much money it was I've never asked or checked out that store.Its kinda dark lol.I love Cihangir.No matter how lost and old the buildings are...Its mystic.Its kind of lost and forgotten.I dont like the crowded main street istiklal cause it makes headaches...Its d@mn crowded.I need something less noisy(I'll go to gym tomorrow lol)

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me today :)

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those sunglasses I fell in love 2 weeks ago and I had a picture.Today they were gone


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