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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

lookbook is addictive!

hell yesssz!its addictive!I'm frequenting lookbook more than my facebook.its so inspiring so many different nations' most stylish people post their pictures I check them out so often I dont wanna miss a thing...But the hype thing is pissing.Some people are so popular and maybe overrated that they get tonz of hypes.Sometimes they are so overrated that I see better ones with low hypes.Come onnnn!There are so many new stylish member there I've seen having great styles.They are all inspiring!Thank you lookbook.

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me@suada- istanbul


Tiffany said...

I agree!! sometimes some outfits are very plain but they get a lot of hype (just because of good photography) lol

queenofwhatever said...

I Think so.very hype ones are good photography but less style or not not hype-worthy lol.