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Saturday, January 10, 2009

that butterfly vintage top...

Last week I was searching for dresses from a vintage seller online shopping site.Then I saw this beautiful cacooned sequined top.I really liked it but it was 64USD.So I skipped it and then I saw the very next day it was sold.Then I bought a fashion magazine with Ece Sükan cover and I saw that Ece Sukan was wearing the almost same top for photoshoots(It was from her own vintage boutique called Ece Sükan vintage.I was like oh I loved it and missed it mood.Then I searched ebay for the same top but couldnt really find the exact same one.(there was one dark blue one but I didnt really liked it).Bye bye beautiful sequined butterfly top...

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this was sold for 64 USD-the one I missed

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Ece Sükan is wearing the almost same butterfly vintage top from her collection


Tiffany said...

this is very cute!!

stylishturkishdelight said...

yes its very cute:) too bad I missed it!:/

Alexa said...

I have that top =) the exact color.. and i love it!