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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Must-Have List of fall-winter

I am buying tons of magazines again.(in a recession world why do I cant stop having all the magazines and editions of Elle,Vogue,Harpers Bazaar?)And I love to check out all trends and styles whats in aka whats diggin' now.I am very sure that tights are so in this fall-winter.I have to have every colour of stockings.I already bought a new pair of gray,black and navy blue(whn I wore my navy blue stockings with my new gray Zara knee-high boots I turned heads cause my tights are shocking.I adore gray this fall again like last year its my favorite colour.So we can say gray is the new black!I destepately need black and gray tights to wear with my dresses.

Also I need a huge gray handbag(brand doesnt matter you know..I'm not too fond of spending my money on splurges these days due to uncertainity in economy).and I love winter scarfs,shawls and wraps.I need a lot.They are so in you should check out the pictures I posted below:)Because I have copper undertones in my red hair green suits me most(another fact is I have hazel eyes).thats why my major crush is a green shade of scarf.I also want a gray wrap.I can play up with my eyes to make them smokey if I style up my gray wrap I havent bought yet(Im a great dreamer styler)

I also need more black boots.I need a comfty one with lower heels or non heels.

ok this pictures is the reason I bought my navy stockings.The picture is from postsecret:
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gray leggings

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