Which trends are you going to buy this spring? What are your wishlist items? I would love to hear about them.

Recently I bought two new fashion books from amazon dot com. I bought KNOW YOUR STYLE by Alyson Walsh and  HOW TO DRESS by Alexandra Fullerton. I am such a fashion magazine collector for many years and I also buy many fashion books, that would make me a fashion professor, right? Almost. I got bored of local fashion here. I feel less inspired recently. I desperately need to travel to fashion capitals and see what people are wearing on the street. I want to stand in front of Oxford Square Top Shop flagship store and observe- eye video tape the most stylist crowd I have ever seen in my life. Yes, London was the most inspiring city to me. I have not seen any stylish people in Paris, but I think Paris is great to go shopping ( if u have the money). 

Instagram killed my inspiration. And checking Paris Fashion Week does not help either. How do Kanye West and Kim Kardashian keep getting inspired like all the time?  I know they collab with many stylists and all that money can buy- living in California. I think California became the new fashion capital without runway shows. All the best makeup brands are also LA based. It's the lifestyle brands sell. That's what Rachel Zoe, Anine Bing, Revolve are all doing. It's the fame, it's the money, it's the celebs' city. 

And I still believe Istanbul is a better city to go shopping than Milan. I know Italians do it better and I think Italians are the best in fashion and iconic. But Istanbul is such as US type-shopping crazy. Perfect place to get bankrupt! 

How do you people get inspired? I used to get inspired by Monica Rose styling all those Kar-Jens and Hadids and now its a different time (it was like millions of years ago) and she mostly post nonfashion related instagram posts recently (she needs a professional job related instagram IMHO as branding) and I am lack of inspo. Kendall Jenner was coming out with cool styled outfits but not for a long time. Kylie influences the whole generation of them millenials- they all wear hoodies and I can not just can not. get inspired.

What inspires you recently? I watch Anna Wintour videos made by millenials- with emojis on screen and random people asking her fashion questions on a street where I never ever walk.

How will I ask my fashion questions to Anna?

It's been ages, I have not bought Vogue Turkiye. I like having Vogue Turkiye despite they will probably never come up with a Kim Kardashian cover due to Kardashians' Armenian heritage she rejects Turkey related anything except working with talented Mr Mert Alas. It's kinda sad.

I buy Costume Danmark here. But just to get better with my Danish language. I feel like it's a very very local Danish magazine- unlike Vogue Turkiye. Vogue Turkiye is giving  me the very international press feeling. Do you know what I mean? It's like buying any Vogue country edition at the airport.

If I win the lottery someday, I wanna go to California. I like sunny weather and designer outlets (no blogger would write this I know but life was not fair to me lol). I am living for it. I have no problem with vegan burgers. I also want to visit places. 

I miss Bodrum (Turkey). I wanna live there someday. I wanna do that. I prefer that to French Riviera. I am more realistic. I also prefer Turkish breakfast to French croissants. I am all about turkish coffee, turkish towels, turkish hammam, turkish delight and such.

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Barbara Bui

I also feel that high in Izmir. I really like İzmir. I like London too but the weather.

How will I get inspired nowadays? I am still working on my spring summer style as I am my personal stylist. 

Inspire me! All ideas are welcome. Until I get inspired again I will only wear jeans and t-shirt and puffer coat (sadly its still winter in Denmark).

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Isabel Marant