I am obsessed with Zara and I had to buy some trends from an affordable high street retailer. We do not have Zara in Aarhus so I did a long research to buy online. I am so happy to do online shoppıng but I'd also rather go to Copenhagen for shopping.

I was really into buying small cat eye inspired sunglasses like a dupe of Le Specs. Zara did not have brown and black pairs avaible so I bought red pair. I did like it but somehow it looks like the ones I used to have when I was a child- like plastic frames. It feels childish. I did not like the quality and it looks weird in winter so I might just use it on the beach. Maybe not in the city. Don't know. It was a disappointment of buying online without trying.

I also bought colorful all over print t-shirts as basics. They are so cool. I bought size S but they are loose fit.

I also bought black denim mini skirt and I like it. It is shorter than I thought but its ok for summer vacays.

I bought red slogan print over pink t-shirt. It is very trendy nowadays. I can not wait to wear them.

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