90s and Smashing Pumpkins #nyfw #fashionlife

I still think 90s was like 10 years ago. And I recently googled Darcy from Smashing Pumpkins for rockstar style inspo - despite I am not blonde and I would not do 90s style. I never liked those badges on jeans whatever. never. ever. Darcy does not look like herself as her looks in 90s but its not about getting older. She had plastic surgery or what? I could not recognize her recent pictures. She was too cool in 90s I could die.Its just 30s you become more mature and more beautiful but working harder and coping with all the achievements others had and your to do list still waiting there in your pocket to be done. all I can do is buy groceries of my grocery list in my same puffer coat's pocket. Ironic. How did I become a fan of smashing pumpkins? 

I had a Seventeen magazine from 90s and it was actually 90s when I was reading it and I was a super teen. I saw darcy's picture in Seventeen mag and it was from a festival in California. they also published some American teen girls picture. The girls were there for watching their favorite band (of course- jo) Smashing Pumpkins. I wanted to be in those girls' shoes, attending a festival and watching that cool band. It was a dream. I bought their 2 CDs album. It was cool.