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I kind of really feel like it now. I have moved recently and my whole closet I could not carry with me and I currently have a small closet for my new life. Its a bit weird and killing for a fashionista. I had to leave some of my (most of my) designer items behind. It was like leaving my cat behind. and I left my parents' cat behind it was abit sad. I have a true love for that sweet cat. She's like one of the members of my family. anyway. I moved to the most expensive country of europe. I can't really afford anything for a while. and yes its kind of hard. I had access to all kind of designer, high street or designer outlet or vintage or second hand access in Istanbul. still everything is on season and there is no sale in everywhere maybe its normal. I kind of spend my days on checking web pages of all fashion brands and imagining of buying things and not buying anything in the end. I do small high street brand shopping sometimes but here its even very expensive. I kind of feel like I should use everything I have bought in the past years around the world but never worn. Its time to wear them. what I have. Being on a budget closet or a small closet is a challenge to me now. after being able to afford designer items now I'm back to something I should use the things I have and not purchase anything new for an uncertain time. and no I'm not blogger who gets free stuff all the time. I'm not that popular. But its ok. I will survive. I know that.