At the moment I am reading a Marian Keyes book called This Charming Man and in it there's a character called Lola who's a stylist in Dublin.As the novel is based in Ireland and majorly in Dublin and the fact that Lola is a freelance stylist ( which I would love to MAJORLY do freelance as I do styling all the time,maybe someday) anyway I was interested in Dublin and I found this street style video with gothic rock grunge inspiration.Yes, thats a bit like experimental London or all campuses of Universities, right? I can't say my personal style is grunge or rock or gothic.My personal style is eeclentic vintage meets bohemian meets rockstudds.Yeah,thats my style name.Btw, I really want to find out more on Dublin.Interesting city but seems very very cold.Why cool cities have to be very cold? Bummer.