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Thursday, July 14, 2011


Today I had things to do so i was off the work half day and i frequented my favorite book store@ Kanyon and I even checked out Chanel Fall 2011 boutique shop window at Harvey Nichols lunch time at work I've read the magazine I bought: MARIE CLAIRE ITALIA JULY 2011 issue.It has the best summer editorials I guess Turkish one would have reprints and many other reprints all around the world.I don't like reprints if the Turkish issue of a world famous mag is almost %90 of the content is reprint of their US issue.Only Vogue Turkiye is not a reprint and that makes a statement to me.Turkish magazines need more individual stylings not copies.Every month I like to but Vogue Paris, Vogue Italia, sometimes Vogue UK, and Vogue Türkiye.and sometimes Nylon US,Harpers Bazaar UK or other international editions.

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I am not a big fan of the cover but i liked the content and swimwear editorials.and the fact that its Italian.
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inspiration of the day comes from RODARTE black swan costume design.I love the costume.

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