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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


You all know that I've been hunting my childhood dream and taking fashion design course and I designed my two first ever night gowns last week and want to share with you.I love drawing and I think I develop each week.I am not only a blogger- I love styling, I read a lot, I collect international fashion magazines and subscribe so many different fashion mags and I love observing street style of different cities and countries and fashion capitals and I love taking photographs.and...I love creating, drawing.I am in love with shoes and handbags.and like fashion and developing style and gonna get married now (ok not now maybe this summer)? i :) lol.

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Free Image Hosting at

the first one on the left is avantgarde.its top is half nude and extreme with lines of silver and beads.second one on the right has a big flower detailed tail and both bridal gowns have long long long tails not shown in pictures.these two are my first ever bridal gowns and just wanted to share.thanks for scrolling.

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