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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

ITS BARCELONA BABY! + say hi to my September Issue International Magazines!;)

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^^my september issues together.not finished yet.Karlie Kloss covers Turkish Vogue September Issue.and Vogue USA September Issue has a great editorial with Karlie Kloss(editorial name: Checks and the City).I am going to review it later.I will post my photographs and street observation photographs of Barcelona later.Enjoy!

Btw, I am obsessed with duty free shopping especially parfume shopping.I stocked Gucci Flora and Armani.I have a significant Armani parfume that I like to smell forever.I always try dozens of Parfume bottles at duty frees especially new releases.I like Gucci Flora lately.I also tried Gucci Guilty but its not my type.Its more winter-as its new release of fall lol.I also tried D&G new parfumes and loved 10.I never liked Chloe parfumes don't know why.I think Chanel parfumes are way overpriced and overrated.

Anyway,I only like Gucci and Armani parfumes.Thats it!

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My very Vogue Espana and Harpers Bazaar Espana

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I am BACK from Barcelona/Spain!!! Hola Espana! and guess what? I did a massive shopping in Barcelona.I even had a chance to visit a shopping mall DIAGONAL which includes H&M, PRIMARK, Zara, mango, Desigual and more.I did a massive shopping in H&M.I bought my dream booties(they make my legs über-high), sweaters, great stylish belts, Barcelona t-shirts and tees and many more.I also found a steal of Messenger PS1 bag.I love messenger bags.

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Say hi to my new H&M booties

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a piece of I LOVE BARCELONA stuff.

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My new messenger bag

Also I visited Sephora in Barcelona.There was a huge makeup studio called makeup school of MAKEUPFOREVER brand.I've always had a crush on this brand so I dived.The makeup artist was blonde and she had so many colour tattoos both of her arms, her body and everywhere.People of Barcelona are obsessed with piercing and tattoos even so young people have piercings thats über-trend there.

I am so impressed with Gaudi's work and even that I am not an architech I visited most of his works.After Italia travel,all that art,all that beauty Spain was more free more live more crowded.Beach was great.The weather was sunny and great.I think its a great taste of individualism.

At Espana, I bought Vogue Espana September Issue, Harpers Bazaar Espana September Issue, US Vogue September Issue.I bring back the goods.and I have my September Issues of Vogue Turkiye, Elle Italia and Amica Italia too.Now I have a large collection of September Issues.YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.I am obsessed with September Issues and new collections and new season.I am in love with many brands' ad campaigns, master pieces, trend alerts, editorials of different country edition fashion magazines...I am amazed with retail brands stealing pieces of trends.Best street style individuals...

I am in love with warm clothes.I am in love with the way different nationalities walk in their individual own stylies.I love observing.other people.on the different countries.

Back to Istanbul,lets focus on work. ISTANBUL FASHION ADDICT is fall ready.

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Anonymous said...

çanta ve H&M botlarına bayıldım.okadar dergiyi moda editörleri bile okumuyor :b ispanyaya bende gitmek istiyorum şehir fotoğraflarını bekliyorum merakla.