Vogue Paris June/July 2010

Kate Moss by Mario Sorrenti

does it put the US Vogue June cover with Blake Lively to shame? and her coral lips are what I've been wearing for the last months: coral lipsticks (no,not glosses!) are very Kate,very trend.Oh,The beach pose,I want to feel the beach sand barefoot again.As soon as possible.Beach,sand,sea and sun...fantastic.

and if you are curious of Vogue US Blake Lively by Mario Testino cover here we go:


she has better poses and no beach glow.very simple and even very calvin klein.elegant deep v-neck.she just looks like she just showered after a long tanning day at beach and now ready for siesta.cool.lets just not kill the US Vogue cover shoot but Paris Vogue beats by far.we all know its true even if you can't say it loud.let's turn the pages, I can't wait to read them!


Anonymous said…
bence Fransız Vogue kesinlikle Amerikan Vogue'u sollamış.Kate Moss'da çok photoshop var ama
nida said…
oh Kate! lovely summer cover
zeynep said…
ben de çok beğendim ancak Türk Vogue'unu da merak ediyorum haziran sayısı kapağını
berrin said…
Kate Moss fits well to almost any magazine cover
merve said…
paylaştığın için teşekkürler veb gossip girl izleyicisi olduğum için Blake Lively diyorum!:)
Kate looks soo hot. very 50s pinup.
Anonymous said…
god here in the UK we have still US vogue may. i am not a kate moss fan but french cover looks much better...sexy etc. US vogue is boring but then again what is US vogue core reader? a waspy, kinda conservative and very preppy person. so you can't really gamble there. leinti nti