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Tuesday, June 23, 2009


At One Love the most depressing song was performed by Starsailor: Tell me its not over!...Today I thought of people that I left behind on my way back to home.I left those people behind me cause I don't want to be hurt and I want no more harm.I don't want anyone to hurt me.Its self protection to stay alive.The fact is I never wanted to leave those people (friends and significant ones and someone and noone)...I miss people I use to be friends with (maybe bestfriends) or hang out with but as time passes by and you feel that you're not that precious in their lives you move on.That's the cruel life game(fashion is cruel to their people, too!Designers change,fashion brands change,trends change...).And...You move on or you get hurt.You get hurt in many times by their words and by their behavours and by their incapable lifestyles...You get lost.Today I've remembered why I left them behind.I don't like despressive songs.But you realize its over someday.And today we have Placebo concert in Istanbul.I couldnt make it to the concert but its ok.

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Portecho on stage
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