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Monday, June 15, 2009

No, he can't read my poker face!

I used to recieve more compliments from guys and now I'm freaking out I'm recieving tonz of compliments from women....for my hair.OMG!?Why?I still get tonz of compliments from guys(hahahah!! I know I'm so nerd lol) but women are interested in my haircolour.Last sunday a woman at gym staring at me for a long time came up to me and asked me about my haircolour.yes!(I'm use to this situation cause so many women come up to me and ask me about my hair its no big deal anymore).But she asked me if I know the number of the shade of my haircolor???I said "no" (no regrets) and walked away.I've never been mean to people but some started to freak me out!!By the way, I'm feeling sad for mean men(I'm talking about personality).The worst thing that can happen is a mean man(I'm so cool I can't smile moves).Anywayz.I'm so cool with my life.I want to drink Mojito at the beach.Today I thought of that.Yes!At weird times weird memories come to my mind.I better drink a Mojito soon.maybe this weekend.No way!I'll be on press at weekend (I'll post about it when it happens this weekend.yay!:) and also,I'm going to be style hunting on weekend(wait for street style pictures:)

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No,he can' read my poker face;)

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