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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Last year, this year,time is whatever

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That maybe its not good to be a part of something.That maybe I better frequent the places that I never frequent.And that I realize I don't like starbucks frappuccino anymore...And that I look at views,landscapes and sometimes there's nothing on my mind or sometimes my mind is full loaded with many unimportant things...And I look at shapes...People frequent gym like me...Do I like gym?I do it for health...I feel stronger since 3-4 months that I started to pilates.I have a better shape...not weak.not fat.not ironic.just stronger.I look at an old picture of me last year and I say my arms were so weak.I work out.Now that I can kick ya!LOL I'm not a superhero-yet...but I'm the upcoming someONE :) so beware.. beware!!! out!!watch out!!!


the UNchecked other said...

Totally get what you mean. For us 20-something ladies, life moves at a rapid pace. The things that we found so familiar and exciting suddenly become unexciting and unchallenging. The best part about life is that it's a lot like clothes, you try on new adventures and keep trying on and searching until you are able to harness a trend or style and make it your own. And then the process repeats itself over and over again.

I believe that going through changes rocks! Continuously finding yourself and exploring and experimenting means that you are engaged in a dialogue with life. That's how life should be argue with it instead of let it tell you what you should do.

Blink, and you miss a beat.

Hugs from the US!

istanbulfashionaddict said...

your comment is lovely and you got it so right I mean what you mean is so right about 20-something people.Maybe we are lost something lol.