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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Istanbul and the fashion spot membership

I was trying to be a member of the fashion spot 2 years ago that its invitation only membership and you have to be in the fashion industry as a member.I searched for members to send me an invitation to become a member but I couldn't find anyone to send me an invitation.I remember I paged to fashion spot and told them that I'm passionate about fashion and I'm a fashion blogger.They told me they'll consider and then 2 years ago they've send me an invitation.I've become a member that made me so happy.I was starting to Bilgi University finance master of science and had no time for anyhing during 2 years.(but I was frequenting book stores to buy cds,the economist and harpers bazaar or vogue).I couldn't be an active tfs member.That I am graduating in june I feel relished...and happy...and nothing.But I'm back to breathing and living I like to frequent the fashion spot.There's an istanbul threat there for street style of global cities and I remember last week I saw someone was asking if wearing shorts is dangerous in the city...I was like wtf? but I didn't really write anything.Truth is its up to you.I wear skirts and shorts and people wear shorts around the city in Istanbul.Anywayz...I had a long day.I'm d@mn tired.Green cat in the old unicef postcard is looking at me and I look back.Its on my desk forever...near my books and mags...


Lea said...

I was wondering if maybe you could send me an invte?
We can trade, I can send you a lookbook invite?
I'd be in your debt foreeever

my e-mail is

istanbulfashionaddict said...
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istanbulfashionaddict said...

Check out your mail I've send you both lookbook and the fashion spot invitations:)

Anonymous said...

Could you please invite me? I'm also very passionate about fashion.
My email is:

Mary said...

I'm a student of The International School of Costume and Fashion Design in Poland. I was trying to apply for invitacion in tfs, but i'm still waiting for it for one year. I just found your post here (i know it may be bit late). Please, can you send me an invitacion here, I would be grateful. Thank you for your time:)

Mary said...

Oh I forgot my email. It's


S. Esparagoza O'day said...

Please could you do a favourite and add me ? i've waited 6 months and i asked too many people on forums but no one added me i just kept begin' lol but no one show me pity haha i'm realy in love wth fashion and I've always wanted to share things and check my fav models threads and stufs so plz i will realy be happy my email is : and thanks !

S. Esparagoza O'day said...

Hi please can you do me a favourite and send me one ? i've waited 6 months I even asked some members but no one added me I realy like fashion and I love sharing things in the threads ( won't allow me) and read my fav models' threads so plz look forward to help me my email is : and thanks !