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Saturday, June 13, 2009

In Istanbul we have sympathy

I am waiting for very next week cause I'm going to be on Efes Pilsen One Love Festival happening at my school's campus: santralistanbul.I went to courses day and night there since 2007 and after courses are over one love festival happens there since last year.The good thing is that this year I'm going to listen Portecho live.I love their music for a long time and the fact I missed Freshtival(the new festival in Istanbul that I couldn't make it there due to visiting my colourist day...I know!!!).I'm now wondering about festival style.Are you curious about what I'm going to wear to festival for 2 individual days?LOL.I'll wear something festival spirit ok? I hope Portecho would perform Sympathy on sunday.I'm looking forward to it.I'll be shooting my campus...

In this town
All streets lead to sea
All girls and boys
Leave by A.M. 3
In this town
All the rooftops glimmer
All the engines stop
And you hear the silence of your lover

In this town
We have no sympathy

I always wonder the town they mention is Istanbul.To me, we have sympathy in istanbul:)

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darkness said...

it will b lovely if you could put some pictures of denim jeans, shorts and skirts tight ones denims please :P bags and t shirts :D