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Friday, June 5, 2009

I can't remember that club's name but its ok

I'm a sucker for Babylon...I woke up to a sunshine day today and I'm going to my pilates class in an hour.I just wish I were going to swim at Çeşme babylon beach today.I'm so in vacation mood.Although I work hard during weekdays I love weekends.LOL.The fact is I might be hanging out all saturday cause I like to chill out.I should have been a siesta gürl forever!I'm not surfer gürl but I like surfers.LOL.By the way I get tonz of compliments for my vibrant haircolour.I wont be blonde again.Its ok cause I like my hair this way.Mostly I like it wavy.I had a photoshoot last week and I'm going to tell you details after its done.And I might be going to Asmalımescit today.I need a Miller.Oh yeah!

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