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Monday, June 8, 2009

Early in the morning walking down to work and Placebo concert in Istanbul

I'm having bizarre moments lately.I walk down the streets(alone) and feeling like I have an object lens looking at people staring at objects and views.Do I feel like a camera?Hell no!:D lol.I'm just observing.I'm the observer of streets.Lately people from all around the world especially tourists ask me about Istanbul.It makes me happy cause I want to help.And I want to present Istanbul.I can introduce my city with beautiful parts and what should be seen.And fashion blogging is fun.I feel more humanitarian when I write.I love observing and writing.That's what I do to go on.I feel that I'm enhancing day by day.And lately I know Placebo is visiting Istanbul for a concert.I guess they are on a world tour something.But I maybe can't make it to the concert cause its not weekend(unfortunately its on tuesday something!).I listen to Placebo when I'm walking alone.Or at shuttle...or sleeping on the way they are on my ears singing

"...Sucker love, a box I choose.
No other box I choose to use.
Another love I would abuse,
No circumstances could excuse.

In the shape of things to come.
Too much poison come undone.
Cuz there's nothing else to do,
Every me and every you.
Every me and every you,
Every Me...he..."

I walk down Taksim early in the morning through my work a few hours after night clubbers went to bed and the toast and sandwich maker restaurants that served hamburgers to clubbers till dawn, have started to serve toasts and tea as breakfast to people going to work whom drop by,early in the morning,...,in my head just lyrics of placebo walking through where I work ,me,buying toast and drinking tea before I go to work every morning,every you,every me...

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