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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Create Balmain Jeans

I just read how to DIY Balmain inspired jeans.I see that lots of people are not over Balmain distressed jeans yet.I love the Balmain look that we are all hooked up cause Christophe Decarnin is so talented.In Balmain's spring '09 runway he sent models in jeans in various states of disrepair to the runway.How to achieve the distressed jean look?Here's a tip I've read...

Step 1: Bunch areas on old black jeans and pour a bit of Clorox on each.When you're happy with the color rinse out the bleach.

Step 2: Sand the knees and the fronts of the thighs with heavy grit paper.

Step 3: Slice the areas you want ripped and pick apart the fibers in the weave.

Step 4: Machine wash and dry your version -- twice.That distresses clothes even more..

There are inspiring Balmain-inspired looks in Lookbook so you better check out:)

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