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Saturday, May 30, 2009

what I should do and what I have done...

The fact is I should be doing my finishing grad school project's introduction part and grammar checkings but I'm blogging now.yay!It's almost midnight that its not saturday anymore due to my Swiss watch.Today I've spent some time outside and I had a sunburn.great?solution:aftersuns.I realized that aftersuns reminds me of Çeşme days that I was recovering after an all day sunburn and swimming and resting lazy vacation days.Do I miss those summer days?Hell yes!Its summer again...and I don't know if I can make it to Çeşme or anywhere else for vacation this year.Summer in the city can be my next story!(grin sadly).yesterday I bought 2 days tickets to One Love Festival@my campus santral in Istanbul.I cant wait!It's the most exciting event that I like.Its going to be tradition event every year lol.And today I had my hair done.I mean I visited my colourist.perfection!!and I've also frequented Top Shop.I tried their gladiator sandals new ones and they were run out of my size.Sadly I tried my dream dress and its skirt ends were ridiculuosly baloon-like so I skipped it.Why can't I just buy my lemmings and go as a happy shopper?No?Top Shop,stop baloon skirts..please!

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