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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

istanbulfashion addict@Sabah Newspaper

yayyyy!!!istanbulfashionaddict is now on Sabah(biggest Turkish nationwide newspaper of Turkiye).I felt like almost famous on saturday when I take a look at it at the breakfast).Dearest and gorgeous fashion editor of Sabah writes about istanbulfashionaddict blog and suggests for istanbul fashion news.Speacial thanks to Ms.Yaprak (you made my day on Saturday!:) here's the picture from the website of Sabah.I will keep that saturday's newspaper in my collection forever:)

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the UNchecked other said...

Congratulations on the mention, Burcu! Of course your style and lovely blog would be noticed; you have the amazing ability to take trends and make it your own. That's true style right there ;o)


istanbulfashionaddict said...

Thank you Leila,also thank you for e-mailing me please feel free to ask me anything about Istanbul and Istanbul style:)