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Monday, May 25, 2009

and then they started to dresses more often...

and yes...they started to haul dresses and wear more dressses than ever...guess who? Istanbul fashionistas,stylistas,bohos,street people and students and workhaholic business women...There's a dress code for everyone now.But please make sure they have flower prints and colourful hues...and some people style them with boots like what Londoners do.Istanbulers started to wear boots when its time for sandals.It used to be weird but it isn't anymore!I was in car when I quickly saw a bizarre moment of Marni's shop windows of Istanbul boutique(oh why Marni is not @istinyepark like its friends LV or Dior or Fendi?) I guess it likes to stick where it first opened the store.And inspiration comes from high street brands?If you are walking down to Asmalımescit for drnking a Miller at Otto,No!Its "the athmosphere" I like there...Its gorgeous crowded inspiring people from all around the world but mostly individual souls walking by the small old ways that goes through Tunel.And the old buildings makes you feel Oh Yeah! :) and while you drink your Miller and watch by...stylish crowds walk by.

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